Why is Isabis Micro-Encapsulated Vitamin C Serum 20 % So Much Better?

By · Saturday, November 15th, 2014 · Comments Off on Why is Isabis Micro-Encapsulated Vitamin C Serum 20 % So Much Better?

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Vitamin C is highly unstable.

It is sensitive to light, temperature, oxidizing agents, pH and likely to interact with other ingredients.

These factors induce degradation, resulting in molecule inefficiency, discoloration, odor changes and even side effects, such as irritation.

In order to ensure the Vitamin C efficiency and to increase product safety and shelf life, Swiss Scientists developed micro-encapsulation, whereby vitamins are surrounded by tiny ‘capsules’.

The vitamins are protected from the environment, light, temperature, pH, oxidation and cannot interact with other ingredients.

As a result, the vitamins stability significantly increases, not only vs. naked vitamins but also vs. other delivery systems.

Thus, the stability of Isabis Formulae Vitamin C Serum 20 is extended up to 18-24 months, and the end product efficiency has been significantly improved.

The vitamins are released from the capsules by applying mechanical pressure, such as by rubbing the topical vitamin c serum onto the skin, up until the moment of application, the vitamins remain fresh and potent in the capsule, due to their high and improved stability.

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